The Mexican shower that can help California fight drought

The Mexican shower that can help California fight drought

This time, this is a clear indicator of the business potential of the shower in question.

To be more precise, both have joined the venture funds led by Carlos Gómez Andonaegui, who in just three days grossed more than US $ 1 million in public financing, through the platform of crowdfunding Kickstarter.

And why does this shower from attract so much interest from corporate giants? The explanation is in the gyms of Mexico City and the dramatic drought that lives the state of California in the United States.

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The origin

Gómez Andonaegui told BBC Mundo that about five years ago he was the CEO of a company that managed 40 gyms in Mexico City.

“Because of the location of the city, all the water that is received must be pumped, which increases the costs for this service. That’s a real problem when you have all those gyms where 20,000 people bathed daily,” says Carlos.

That was the most important variable cost for the business, and we had to find a way out.

It was when Gómez Andonaegui turned to his father, Emilio, then 83, to develop a more efficient system of water consumption.

“He’s a very witty man, very creative,” he says. That family effort marked the start for what today is known as the shower Nebia.

How much do you save

The design of the showerhead proposed by the company Nebia arouses public interest.

For some, the device looks like a circular lamp hanging from a base like aluminum Apple designs.

When you open the faucet, the watering head releases the atomized water, sending drops on a surface 10 times larger than a normal watering can.

The technical report indicates that it can save up to 70% (about 14 liters of water per use) of the water used by conventional equipment, and is 13 more efficient in saving energy.

“Depending on the habits of a family, they could reduce water consumption by up to 20% with this shower,” says the entrepreneur.

The drought

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Image captionWest Coast of the United States, particularly California, has been affected by a severe drought for four years.

For MarketWacht, one of the reasons why this device has generated the attention of companies like Apple and Google is that it is located in San Francisco, California, a region hit by a long drought, where water saving is essential.

For the last four years, the western United States has suffered a severe drought, and in April of this year, California residents began to suffer water restrictions on the orders of state authorities.

“No doubt that reason has opened many doors,” Philip Winter, general manager and co-founder of Nebia, told MarketWacht.

For her part, Wendy Schmidt, President of the Schmidt Foundation, through which Google has made its investment in Nebia, reaffirms that same sense of usefulness.

“It’s innovative and elegant, and it can have a noticeable impact on water consumption, not just in California, where we’re experiencing a severe drought, but anywhere in the world where water sources are limited,” he said.

In that sense Carlos comments that “we are launching the product in the United States, but through the Kickstarter page you can buy it from anywhere in Latin America.”

Very luxurious ecology?

At first they expected to get $ 100,000 through Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform open to receive money from people and institutions.

Those who support the project through Kickstarter, where it is possible to participate with amounts from US $ 5, can buy the shower for US $ 249.

The price to the public, when the stage of fundraising is completed, will be US $ 399.

Gómez Andonaegui said that “it will definitely be a barrier, but I believe that in the medium term we can become more competitive.” When we are climbing in the market it is possible that we can offer The product at a more attractive price “.

The first mass sales to the public will begin early next year.

“We would like to reuse water consumption by 50% in a decade, with well-designed, beautiful and sustainable projects,” says Gómez Andonaegui to BBC Mundo.

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Meanwhile, Nebia showers are installed in the gyms of Stanford University, Google and Apple, where they report that Tim Cook has already taken several showers.