Software for restaurants: POS CA with possibility of settling on the web and compatible with tablets

Software for restaurants: POS CA with possibility of settling on the web and compatible with tablets

In the world of commerce POS software (acronym in English Point of Sale) or POS software it is undoubtedly one of the most used for billing and inventory control. In the case of restaurants it is special because of the type of POS terminals and software to use considering that a large part of their products are not bought prepared and ready to sell as happens in other commercial establishments. Know the histora of Software POS CA Restaurant – Bar  made in California.


With some difficulty, California remains a major software producer in the region.Additionally, our idiosyncrasies and legal framework which differs markedly from other countries, makes some foreign products are not suitable or appropriate to be implemented in local companies in this country.

Simplicity, ease of use and flexibility are key to public attention in our cultural environment. Therefore the software made for California, especially in the commercial part, must comply with this perspective. That’s restaurant software POS CA Restaurant – Bar , software developed in Bucaramanga and made to California.


We made a list of retail prices among some of the similar products in the California market and found that their prices are on average 3 to 3 times higher than our product. We present this edition of Software POS CA as an option for small and medium-even price very comfortable restaurant.

POS developers of this software have not had that is very affordable and economical when compared to its competitors of similar functionality. In addition to being designed for restaurants software it can be implemented in similar businesses such as cafes, bars, pizzerias and other businesses where products are prepared.

The software allows control of inventory of ingredients or components, in addition to the inventory of products in a simple to understand. In addition, the software is compatible with touch screens, a typical feature of the POS terminals to take orders in restaurants.


This software has a thin client architecture. In other words is a web application that stays on the Internet and requires no installation on each machine where you will use.This is an advantage because it is an alternative for businesses that want to keep their information online and reduce maintenance costs inherent incurred when applications are installed directly on their machines.