9 films were low-budget box office success

9 films were low-budget box office success


One usually associates the idea of low – budget film amateur productions, with values similar to those of a family birthday video or movies materials Sweded ofBe Kind Rewind . However, it is not necessary to have the national reserve up to make a good film, because all it takes is a great idea, a willing cast and a director who knows reshuffle the responsibilities properly. Who says, with little money also very popular things do, and how are you films low budget blockbuster :

No. 9 Easy Rider

Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda is up to two motorcycles and go down the route. So simple was also its budget, $ 360,000. How much it raised? 60 million, and is now a classic.

# 8 Paranormal Activity

Not take much to make a horror film, and in this case, as Oren Peli shot the first film for $ 15,000 at home, and ended up winning nearly 200 million six sequels.


No. 7 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Do you believe that this film, with such filmmaking and special effects, it only cost $ 17 million? A more accurate estimate would be 200 million … which grossed at the box office.

No. 6 Pulp Fiction

With only 8.5 million, Quentin Tarantino made a film so memorable that its release, recovered thirty times its budget, and today continues to add for home video .

No. 5 Night of the Living Dead

Exploring a land never before seen in the movies, George Romero took just over $ 110,000 and made this little film, which grossed 42 million dollars and revolutionized the horror genre.

No. 4 Mad Max

This film starring Mel Gibson began as independently that only two characters had real leather jackets, the rest were imitation. Both sacrifice will eventually be rewarded with 200 million and an extensive franchise.

# 3 The Passion of the Christ

Speaking of Gibson, he put the 25 million needed to make this film from his own pocket, because nobody dared to finance it. This proved to be a wise decision, because it ended up taking home 600 million.

# 2 The Blair Witch Project

Filmed for only $ 25,000, three actors with a camera each, and a rather frightening forest, this film is now a classic that broke all expectations and raised nearly 250 million dollars.

# 1 Big Fat Greek Wedding My

All studies that destroyed the original idea was Nia Vardalos on your project, so it took the independent route and made his film for only five million dollars. It rejected that view raised nearly 400 million, proving that the studies are always wrong.

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