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How to Manage Your Budget as an Accountant

Accountants have no problems at the end of the year as they are prepared continuously for the tax season and you can be as organized as the professionals when it comes to budgets and taxes. Here are some tips and tricks from the experts who will keep your accounts in order:

How to manage your budget

Get Organized (Now)

Stop procrastinating, the main advice of professionals is to start organizing your budget and receipts / bills right now. For most people, “tomorrow” is a myth that never arrives and when we say we are going to organize our “tomorrow” budget, it never happens. So here’s what you should do:

  1. Look at the clock and check your schedule for the rest of the day.
  2. Determine a block of 30 minutes in which you can organize your budget.
  3. Stick to this block. Work fast, organizing for thirty minutes and then stop.
  4. Repeat this process tomorrow, and every day until you are organized.

Choose a place for your documents

When you have a place for your financial documents it is easier to track them. When an account to be paid arrives, place it in a certain area immediately, and when the receipts arrive at the house in bags, file them in the same manner. In this way you will ensure that everything you need financial nature will be available when you are ready to start organizing each day.

Learn to organize yourself as a professional

Once you have begun sorting receipts and bills for 30 minutes each day you may wonder if there is an easier way to do it. This is what experts do to keep their budgets in order:

  1. Buy a folder that has a tab for each month and order your receipts per month.
  2. Get a calendar and note the due date of each invoice. Check this calendar every day to see what payments are coming.
  3. Use useful software to fill your invoices, credits and recurring payments. Find out how much your savings would be if you eliminate some unnecessary expenses (eating out, cable, etc.).
  4. Make a plan to save a percentage of your income (experts recommend 10%).

Experts and financial gurus like Mark Weinberger did not get the success overnight. They planned and prepared, just as you should.

Make the applications do the work for you

If tracking your finances manually is not an option, consider one of the following applications:

  • Mint : You can consolidate all your bank accounts, your credit cards, bank accounts, savings accounts and other investments in this application. Mint also sets a budget for you, knowing the next payments and when you have spent your budget.
  • Billtracker : Keep track of your upcoming bills and current with this simple but useful application.
  • Shoeboxed : This application lets you take great photo to your receipts and then processes and organizes data so you can get rid of printouts.

Take your future seriously

Accountants and bookkeeper have plans for their day-to-day budgets, as well as their retirement budgets, and you have to be as serious as them in your own finances. Once you have your daily finances organized and you have begun to organize yourself as an expert in the use of tools and software, all you have left is the savings. Find out what kind of retirement plan you are most comfortable with and take it. Whether through a pension fund company or yourself through mutual funds, you have to start today.

Your finances do not have to be confusing or messy, all you need is a little attention and organization. With only 30 minutes a day focused on organizing and classifying and with tools online, you can become a tax accountant dreamed by any client: informed, prepared and ready for the unexpected.

Banking commissions, software, tax preparation, if you are not careful managing your money can cost a lot. Do not pay to manage your money.

The Mexican shower that can help California fight drought

This time, this is a clear indicator of the business potential of the shower in question.

To be more precise, both have joined the venture funds led by Carlos Gómez Andonaegui, who in just three days grossed more than US $ 1 million in public financing, through the platform of crowdfunding Kickstarter.

And why does this shower from attract so much interest from corporate giants? The explanation is in the gyms of Mexico City and the dramatic drought that lives the state of California in the United States.

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The origin

Gómez Andonaegui told BBC Mundo that about five years ago he was the CEO of a company that managed 40 gyms in Mexico City.

“Because of the location of the city, all the water that is received must be pumped, which increases the costs for this service. That’s a real problem when you have all those gyms where 20,000 people bathed daily,” says Carlos.

That was the most important variable cost for the business, and we had to find a way out.

It was when Gómez Andonaegui turned to his father, Emilio, then 83, to develop a more efficient system of water consumption.

“He’s a very witty man, very creative,” he says. That family effort marked the start for what today is known as the shower Nebia.

How much do you save

The design of the showerhead proposed by the company Nebia arouses public interest.

For some, the device looks like a circular lamp hanging from a base like aluminum Apple designs.

When you open the faucet, the watering head releases the atomized water, sending drops on a surface 10 times larger than a normal watering can.

The technical report indicates that it can save up to 70% (about 14 liters of water per use) of the water used by conventional equipment, and is 13 more efficient in saving energy.

“Depending on the habits of a family, they could reduce water consumption by up to 20% with this shower,” says the entrepreneur.

The drought

Image copyrightGETTY
Image captionWest Coast of the United States, particularly California, has been affected by a severe drought for four years.

For MarketWacht, one of the reasons why this device has generated the attention of companies like Apple and Google is that it is located in San Francisco, California, a region hit by a long drought, where water saving is essential.

For the last four years, the western United States has suffered a severe drought, and in April of this year, California residents began to suffer water restrictions on the orders of state authorities.

“No doubt that reason has opened many doors,” Philip Winter, general manager and co-founder of Nebia, told MarketWacht.

For her part, Wendy Schmidt, President of the Schmidt Foundation, through which Google has made its investment in Nebia, reaffirms that same sense of usefulness.

“It’s innovative and elegant, and it can have a noticeable impact on water consumption, not just in California, where we’re experiencing a severe drought, but anywhere in the world where water sources are limited,” he said.

In that sense Carlos comments that “we are launching the product in the United States, but through the Kickstarter page you can buy it from anywhere in Latin America.”

Very luxurious ecology?

At first they expected to get $ 100,000 through Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform open to receive money from people and institutions.

Those who support the project through Kickstarter, where it is possible to participate with amounts from US $ 5, can buy the shower for US $ 249.

The price to the public, when the stage of fundraising is completed, will be US $ 399.

Gómez Andonaegui said that “it will definitely be a barrier, but I believe that in the medium term we can become more competitive.” When we are climbing in the market it is possible that we can offer The product at a more attractive price “.

The first mass sales to the public will begin early next year.

“We would like to reuse water consumption by 50% in a decade, with well-designed, beautiful and sustainable projects,” says Gómez Andonaegui to BBC Mundo.

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Meanwhile, Nebia showers are installed in the gyms of Stanford University, Google and Apple, where they report that Tim Cook has already taken several showers.

Everything you need to know before buying one budget Humidifiers

Humidifiers are very simple devices that run on electricity with the aim of increasing the humidity in a room by a tank or container to which you add water and through a system (now explain the different systems) evaporates and becomes part of air of the place in which we have, thus improving the air and promote breathing.

Scientific studies have shown that the increase in humidity results in a decreased risk of causing microorganisms multiply multiple respiratory infections.

The other main advantage to moisten the atmosphere promotes the health of the throat and skin moisturizing.

Before proceeding a brief note:


A vaporizer is not technically the same as a humidifier, if you are reading our note it may be because you are focusing on something to remove odors from the room, improve the air in the room of a baby or just give a distinguished touch to your business, as well, in CPAP Machines we recommend that you focus on when shopping humidifiers any, with guidelines and tips that will give below.

This is what will surely need to home, but then a brief overview of the main difference.

The main difference between a vaporizer and a humidifier is that the evaporator boils the water inside to produce steam and although both provide moisture to the atmosphere of a room, sick or severely allergic people use vaporizers to the boil water provide greater protection and less likely to spread germs accidentally.

Types of Humidifiers


The vaporizer is in practical terms , a warm mist humidifier whose main advantage is that we can use tap water with peace of mind (to account in some latitudes). Its main disadvantage is that they increase the temperature of the place and all
warming leads a normal risk of burns.


The recommended CPAP Machines and very sure about who wants to know what to buy, usually work ultrasounds that evaporate water tank safely and efficiently.

Its advantages besides air quality is that we can use in summer and thanks to fine water vapor that produces air improves the feel of the place. The only drawback and collation of what we mentioned the above type is that in some countries it is recommended to use bottled water to load the tank since not boil water can be transported to air some infectious microorganisms.

Its use is highly recommended during the winter and mitigate symptoms of sore throat, strep throats, colds and flu.


These models produce a fine mist that quickly disperses light and humidity in a room by a transducer which vibrates at ultrasonic speed water to decompose and result in cold and refreshing pure steam.
With regard to the price range, we can state that can range from 20 euros to 50 euros models home, as presumably the lowest price just will benefit, but for 38 € in Spain you can make a good device what it takes to your room. Note that it is cheaper to buy it for online stores to go to a store where surely they will try to “fit” as the outfit they have and therefore always compare prices.


* Before proceeding it is worth noting that iflive in a very cold latitude, the humidifier or vaporizer hot air will be theto give warmth toplace because they produce a warm, relaxing steam by the abovedescribed process that removes impurities from disperse water before a fresh clean air humidity.

In general before buying one look at the following details we recommend on our website:


It is an important aspect where the minimum that should be operating is eight hours, if you buy with a small deposit only get it for 3 hours and even reach for the full night.


Increasingly manufacturers are careful to add Synchro off with the tank above to keep not working when the tank is empty.


Be sure to ask the seller or if you buy the web, reading reviews and comments to skew your search in which they are quieter and less noisy since they do not want to have an appliance making noise at night, however pleasant is the air produced.


There in recent models can program on and off, and although it may be more expensive it may consider as being a device in the most silent cases, you may be better result which has automatic shutoff which besides saving energy will allow you to avoid forgetting the next morning if you want to use only at night.


If you do not have in mind is to bring an unpleasant surprise, some ultrasonic models have a “soothing blue light” which then is not so relaxing if we want to be totally dark room to sleep.


For home not make the mistake of going for something with replaceable filters, it will be a nuisance, current and models of the same price even lower come without it, decant by these.


If possible, choose the most efficient model with the environment, remember to be a device that turns on several hours a day with which he must have a good cataloging low consumption.


According to design more advanced models, if you have a larger budget you can search with incorporated humidistat which will measure the moisture level of your stay to keep it at the optimum level. (30-50%).

Since you are looking for a humidifier that satisfies completely and wants the best equipment on the market, ask the seller for those who carry anti-microbial technology using ions or ultraviolet light to kill germs and impurities.


The market leading models come with high speed fans that drive a fog produced ultrasonically.
Humidifiers are used to eliminate odors from one place, but if you choose one specifically to combat odors, in the end the grandmother will tell us how to fix it .
Today no longer limited to making a simple steam apparatus, are currently sold appliances with added value for the stay, here are plenty of models designed with different shapes, colors and materials that end up turning it into an ornament over our house.


These devices are actually simple operation and maintenance could not be different, with a few recommendations to consider, will have a healthy and clean atmosphere in any room or your living room.

The most common agent hygiene appliances humidify the home is mold that can grow in the equipment near areas where water “stagnant” especially if leaves do not dry for example when you go traveling is.

In cities with a lot of lime in the water, we recommend using bottled or distilled water to avoid carrying air mineral particles of water from aqueducts.
A common mistake is to wash under the tap water tank and add detergent, in CPAP Machines recommend NOT add detergent, only rub with clean hands and plenty of water inside and fill with tap water.

  • When cleaning the housing on the side that comes into contact with water (there is where we see the dirt, lime water or sediments cumulada) it using napkins and do not add more water to clean and rinse.
  • The outer casing can be cleaned with a cloth dampened with a little cleaner, ammonia or vinegar if you prefer. The recommended method is cleaning with bleach or chlorine.
  • Needless to say that you should always put on a flat and level area with its steam outlet into an open area (never into a wall); keep out of reach of children and get well picked up the cable plug.
  • Our last recommendation will not like to many: MUST change the tank water daily since the mold only needs 48 hours to grow in a humid place. Many of us do not stop until the tank runs out at least 3 days without clean water by replacing ?.

We hope that these recommendations have arguments and a clear objective when getting your home humidifier apparatus.

Software for restaurants: POS CA with possibility of settling on the web and compatible with tablets

In the world of commerce POS software (acronym in English Point of Sale) or POS software it is undoubtedly one of the most used for billing and inventory control. In the case of restaurants it is special because of the type of POS terminals and software to use considering that a large part of their products are not bought prepared and ready to sell as happens in other commercial establishments. Know the histora of Software POS CA Restaurant – Bar  made in California.


With some difficulty, California remains a major software producer in the region.Additionally, our idiosyncrasies and legal framework which differs markedly from other countries, makes some foreign products are not suitable or appropriate to be implemented in local companies in this country.

Simplicity, ease of use and flexibility are key to public attention in our cultural environment. Therefore the software made for California, especially in the commercial part, must comply with this perspective. That’s restaurant software POS CA Restaurant – Bar , software developed in Bucaramanga and made to California.


We made a list of retail prices among some of the similar products in the California market and found that their prices are on average 3 to 3 times higher than our product. We present this edition of Software POS CA as an option for small and medium-even price very comfortable restaurant.

POS developers of this software have not had that is very affordable and economical when compared to its competitors of similar functionality. In addition to being designed for restaurants software it can be implemented in similar businesses such as cafes, bars, pizzerias and other businesses where products are prepared.

The software allows control of inventory of ingredients or components, in addition to the inventory of products in a simple to understand. In addition, the software is compatible with touch screens, a typical feature of the POS terminals to take orders in restaurants.


This software has a thin client architecture. In other words is a web application that stays on the Internet and requires no installation on each machine where you will use.This is an advantage because it is an alternative for businesses that want to keep their information online and reduce maintenance costs inherent incurred when applications are installed directly on their machines.

9 films were low-budget box office success


One usually associates the idea of low – budget film amateur productions, with values similar to those of a family birthday video or movies materials Sweded ofBe Kind Rewind . However, it is not necessary to have the national reserve up to make a good film, because all it takes is a great idea, a willing cast and a director who knows reshuffle the responsibilities properly. Who says, with little money also very popular things do, and how are you films low budget blockbuster :

No. 9 Easy Rider

Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda is up to two motorcycles and go down the route. So simple was also its budget, $ 360,000. How much it raised? 60 million, and is now a classic.

# 8 Paranormal Activity

Not take much to make a horror film, and in this case, as Oren Peli shot the first film for $ 15,000 at home, and ended up winning nearly 200 million six sequels.


No. 7 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Do you believe that this film, with such filmmaking and special effects, it only cost $ 17 million? A more accurate estimate would be 200 million … which grossed at the box office.

No. 6 Pulp Fiction

With only 8.5 million, Quentin Tarantino made a film so memorable that its release, recovered thirty times its budget, and today continues to add for home video .

No. 5 Night of the Living Dead

Exploring a land never before seen in the movies, George Romero took just over $ 110,000 and made this little film, which grossed 42 million dollars and revolutionized the horror genre.

No. 4 Mad Max

This film starring Mel Gibson began as independently that only two characters had real leather jackets, the rest were imitation. Both sacrifice will eventually be rewarded with 200 million and an extensive franchise.

# 3 The Passion of the Christ

Speaking of Gibson, he put the 25 million needed to make this film from his own pocket, because nobody dared to finance it. This proved to be a wise decision, because it ended up taking home 600 million.

# 2 The Blair Witch Project

Filmed for only $ 25,000, three actors with a camera each, and a rather frightening forest, this film is now a classic that broke all expectations and raised nearly 250 million dollars.

# 1 Big Fat Greek Wedding My

All studies that destroyed the original idea was Nia Vardalos on your project, so it took the independent route and made his film for only five million dollars. It rejected that view raised nearly 400 million, proving that the studies are always wrong.

What successful independent film know? Did you see some of the list? You can check this site movie2k for more.

California: On hold budgetary plan approval

The debate on a plan to close the budget deficit California and prevent state funds run out on Thursday did not return results in the legislature, where both houses underwent version of Democrats to vote.

Two other things were clear: The differences between Republicans and Democrats will be difficult to solve;and in the absence of a spending plan for next week, the state will not have enough funds to operate.

Both chambers began their sessions early in the morning, but before the rejection of Republican proposals to cut about $ 11 billion state budget and raise nearly $ 3 billion in some taxes, were postponed before noon.

Republicans reject any increase in tax and prefer that the deficit of more than $ 24 billion is eliminated only with cuts.

They do not want an incomplete or made in different periods solution.

Even those Republican members of the Senate who voted for taxes last February were reluctant.

“Months ago, I accepted taxes as part of the solution. Now, do not think it’s fair to continue increased taxes and put more burden on Californians,” said Sen. Roy Ashburn.

“Counting the cuts that we are proposing, (Democrats) have approved $ 37 billion in recent months, affecting every program and service. Now, we will not let programs like Healthy Families, CalWORKs or Cal Grants are eliminated . we are not willing to pay that price, “he said Democratic leader Darrell Steinberg Senate.

Meanwhile, protesters surrounded outside the Capitol during the debate, with banners against cuts to public education, health programs, and salaries to state employees.

The mayors of several cities in California also expressed their rejection of proposals that revoked part of the income that local governments receive from gasoline taxes to finance road projects such as street maintenance.

Meanwhile, the comptroller John Chiang sent a letter to lawmakers warning that without approval of a spending plan before the end of the fiscal year (June 30), will be forced to send IOUs instead of paychecks from 2 July.

“Next Wednesday, we will begin the fiscal year with an incredibly unbalanced budget and a lack of funds we have not seen since the Great Depression,” Chiang said in the letter.

As a result, payments to public schools, social services, scholarships, jails, prisons, contractors, and employees of state and legislature may not be issued.

Chiang said one option to cover the lack of funds is to borrow from investors. However, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said he will not accept such action by the interests involved borrow this genre.

A state without money to pay

According to the chief financial officers of the state, California will run out of cash to cover their daily expenses unless lawmakers approve a balanced budget.

Governor Schwarzenegger has warned that the government “will stop completely” and the comptroller Chiang describes the situation as a “total failure”.

July 28 is the deadline for the supposed economic cataclysm in California. But what will happen five weeks later it is less clear than these statements suggest.

California government will not stop working completely: The police still monitor the roads, prisoners will be under surveillance and firefighters will be ready to act.

But many of the services that work with state money, such as road projects and community clinics should be stopped or reduced.

Counties have no money to develop a large number of programs, college students who depend on state grants must pay their own fees or leave school.

But how it was that California got to this point? The state budget system was overfished for years of overspending, then he came the recession and caused a big drop in sales and income taxes.

The result: California’s general fund, the main bank account of the state, has projected a deficit of $ 24.300 billion for the fiscal year beginning July 1.

End of July cash flow will be less than what you pay if lawmakers do not approve a balanced budget, either by reducing expenses, increasing taxes or both.

Even since September, California could have a debt of $ 6.500 billion.

In February, Schwarzenegger and the legislature adopted a budget for the new fiscal year that was supposed could stabilize the precarious financial health of California until mid-2010, but a sharp drop in tax revenue caused it to unbalance the budget within weeks .

For example, the income tax income fell 34 percent in the first five months of the year compared with the same period last year.

Schwarzenegger hopes that the threat of total debt pressure on lawmakers to quickly reach an agreement on the budget. Recently he rejected the proposal Chiang driver for a more expensive loan that could finance all operations in California while negotiations on the budget.

The governor told the Los Angeles Times that the loan would only lawmakers to postpone the most difficult decisions.

He said he would rather “let them try what happens when the state stops completely.” He then revised his statements and said the government “will stop by itself.”

They issued promissory notes to cover wages

California cover from next week wages of contractors IOUs, announced on Thursday the state comptroller.

Recognizing a new legislative gridlock to pass a budget from the first day of the next fiscal year, July 1, Chiang said his office will issue promissory notes from Thursday 2 July.

The fiscal year 2008-2009 “ends Tuesday of next week with a deficit of $ 24.300 billion;. On Wednesday began the following year with the deficit No money to pay,” he said.

The comptroller said California last February and had to use some IOUs for lack of cash also during a period of stagnation budget approval of the legislature.

This time however “the lack of resources is five times higher” than in February, according to Chiang.

Officially, according to separate statements from the governor himself Schwarzenegger and the comptroller and treasurer, Bill Lockyer, California is experiencing the greatest shortage of liquidity in its modern history.

California’s budget, the eighth largest economy in the world, was about $ 140 billion 18 months ago. From then to date it has been reduced three times to reach $ 76 billion, but still has a deficit of $ 24.300 billion.

Schwarzenegger blames the global economic crisis, saying that “in the last 18 months the world’s wealth has fallen by a third,” although in every public presentation paraphrases “The Terminator” tape to ensure that California’s economy “back”.

Both the Republican governor and his party’s caucus in the legislature argue that California should stick exclusively to the resources now – $ 76 billion dollars and cut all spending that is not essential.

But Republicans propose to eliminate, among others, health programs for two million children, assistance to blind people and people with AIDS and Alzheimer’s.

Health services further reduce by one third the poorest, close nursing homes, including elderly patients, reduce multimillion sums to education and eliminate state scholarships to the best students, among other cuts.

“What we observe is what kind of community we want to live: in a community that helps children and the elderly or in a community that throws everyone to jail to beg , ” he told Notimex Latin Congresswoman Norma Herrera.

The day before the Democratic caucus presented a counter-proposal that includes $ 11 billion in cuts, as a gesture of goodwill to the Republican caucus agreed to increase taxes on the sale of cigarettes, alcohol, older companies and those earning more half a million dollars in California.

But Republicans ignored the share of taxes: “You bring us a problem of $ 24 billion with a solution of 11 billion,” said Sen. Ray Ashburn.

The governor and his party refuse to eliminate tax exemptions and increase business corporations, for example, under the argument that will move the state and increase unemployment which now reaches 11.5 percent.

Before the legislative stalemate, the comptroller said that from next week will use the notes that will be effective in October deadline. Get a copy of pdf file here hush hush pdf free.